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Hello, I apologise in advance for the length of this post but I want to be as thorough as possible to avoid any hair dramas!

Nearly a year ago I dyed my hair red from (13 years worth) level 9/10 highlighted hair.  My stylist used to weave them fine, which I liked, but by the end it looked a bit like a block colour and the yellowy shade it went didn’t suit me at all.  I am currently ginger (using Feria 7.4) and am thinking of going back to either light blonde or something close to my natural base (which I think is roughly a level  8).  I need your advice as I am not sure how to go about this.  I have scoured your forum posts and blog and Facebook page, but wanted to ask questions related to my specific problem.

The salon used Majirel 7.46 after pre-pig twice with a level 6.  It was a disaster - turned out a near-mahogany shade, with patchy bits. I had three varying shades of dark red throughout my hair.  I had to get it corrected by scrubbing with Fairy liquid, then the stylist balayaged pre-lightener through followed by all over Majirel 7.43.  The hair turned out a dark brown/auburn, which I hated.  In Feb this year, I went to my old highlights stylist who gave me a vibrant copper shade using Inoa 7.44 and 8.40 mix.  Unfortunately she left the salon for head office and I went to a new stylist.  In July we discussed lightening the mix slightly and she used Inoa 7.45 and 8.40. I don’t know what happened but it went neon ginger! Neon is the best word to describe it – it was luminous. I used a Head and Shoulders/baking soda mix and this really helped shift some of the colour. I went back to the salon to correct it and she didn’t want to do anything too drastic to damage my hair further so she did a full head of Dialight 7.43 copper blonde.

After this, I refused to pay a stylist £100 plus to f**k up my hair so I started doing it myself using initially Clairol Perfect 10 8RB (which came out more of a level 7) and then Feria 7.4 – which I like, but have only used once.  My hair is gradually fading to blonde at the ends – it is possible that the pre-pig has finally washed out, especially after the prelightener was used last year?

I am considering removing the colour but don’t know whether to use the Remover or Stripper. If I use the Remover and have varying bands of colour after all the processing, how can I get it an even shade, and when should I do it? I am also weighing up going much lighter again, but have no idea how to get an even, natural looking shade if I have many bands of gingery processing marks littering my hair!  To complicate things, I would ideally like to have a more multi-tonal result like I used to have back in the day of highlighting. Again, I have no idea how to get to this end result myself. 

Any advice will be much appreciated – THANK YOU!

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