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Hi there! I am looking for a bit of advice regarding colour removal and lightening. I have long below shoulder blade length hair, originally a medium dark brown with lots of natural red and golden tones. For the past 10years I have coloured my hair with varying shades of brown from standard brown to red toned and purple toned. More recently, about 6 months, iv been using black colours. I had hot roots and colour build up and made the decision to go lighter. I used two boxes of colourb4 which took colour from my roots but the ends of my hair stayed black. I decided to try another box but went with Decolour remover instead and had far better results. It has taken all the black out and has blended the roots in with the ends a lot I now have a red coppery colour but it is still quite gingery bleached looking on my roots from the peroxide in the dark colours. Im thinking I might be able to take advantage of the fact the top half of my hair is quite light and going blonde for a while. I have a wella colour fresh coming to tone the ginger while I give my hair a rest, although my hair is in very good condition, but I'm not sure what to do next.
Could I use the Decolour stripper next to take it lighter? Would I need to do the stripper and then pre lightener before a blonde colour or would the stripper alone be enough? Im not looking to get a light platinum blonde a darker golden colour would suit me better. I hope this makes sense and someone can offer some advice. Thanks in advance.
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