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About a year ago I went to a hairdressers and had my hair dyed purple, I the had the same process repeated four months later, no bleach at all and no previous dyeing. At Christmas I used live xxl in mystic violet, since then I have not used any other dye and now have some pretty extreme roots. I need my hair back to my natural dark brown for a new job in two days time, tried to dye it brown but it did nothing, should I use colour b4? Or won't it work? HELP!!

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Hi Corgipie,
Not sure if Scott's allowed to talk about Colour B4 any more as he has no affiliation with the product at this point in time.
However he has launched his own series of hair colour correctors including Decolour Remover and Decolour Stripper!

Do you heat style your hair? Because that can mean that colours and colour strippers can't penetrate the cuticle because of the silicon in your hair from the xxl dye. I think there is advice around on the internet regarding clarifying your hair to get rid of some of this silicon with bicarb of soda and then using the Decolour Remover (not the stripper) to return it to a more natural colour?
Once you do that I think you can retouch the ends with an ammonia-free colour similar to your root but maybe a shade or two lighter.

Hope you're settling well in your new job now!
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