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Hi, I used a colour remover to take black out of brown hair which worked great, then I died a light brown which went black again so used colour remover again, worked great, then went to hairdressers had full head of blonde foils put in and then the toner ( I think permanent colour on wet hair for about 5-10min) went too dark for my liking, would you recommend another colour remover application in normal strength or do you have any natural remedies for removing the colour slowly ( I have heard using baby shampoo and coconut oil helps) thanks in advance [smile]

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Hi Brierley, the colour is reoxidizing when peroxide hits it.  You need to leave it quite a while to stop this from happening.   The chemical that reduces and splits unwanted colour molecules is called (in it's shortened version) hydrosuphite and is designed to pull oxygen out of the hair.  Peroxide is effectively oxygen, so if you have any residue of the colour remover left in the hair (which can naturally happen even with the best rinsing for 7 days after the treatment), the reduction agent and the peroxide will battle to function, usually the peroxide will win and re-oxidize any old colour molecules that are left inside the hair (which haven't yet been washed out).    

Baby Shampoo only clarifies hair (so it would help to pull out hair colour remover residue) whilst coconut oil is not for the removal of oxydation colours, but will be effective with fashion colours.  The best thing you can do is clarify the hair for 1 week with baby shampoo and then use a colour remover again, however after the treatment go into a period of clarifying and using the coconut oil.  The latter won't prevent re-oxidation, but will help to bring the PH level of the hair to a good level.  Try to leave it at least 2 weeks and quite a few washes and conditioning treatments before having any other peroxide based colour added.  When you do, you should find it takes the way you want it to.  However, if you keep getting oxydation and immediately recolour you are are only adding more colour molecules to the hair, so it starts to become even more noticeable when the colour evokes reoxydation.  You just need to clear all those unwanted ones out, and keep them stable for a few weeks.

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Thanks so much for such a detailed answer, so you don't think another colour removal will damage my hair or dry it out any more (even after having the bleached foils done)
Thanks again [smile]
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