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My hair is very bleach blonde, so I avoid using heat to style it other than blow drying. I'd like to get loose waves like a beach style. I tried plating it whilst damp but it looked more crimped than wavy when it dried. Is there another way I can achieve this look without using heated styling implements?

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Hi There, if you had plaited the hair and then slept on it and found it looked more crimp like, try a different method to this.  Braid the section half way and then coil the loose end section around the top (braided) section like a roller.  Then take a flatgrip and pin the half braided half rolled section to the head (like a Bjork type effect).  You can do a mixture, so perhaps do some with a braid all the way down and some rolled, this gives more of a mixed texture effect of waves and curls.   The bigger the sections you braid and then roll the looser the curl and effect will be. 

A second method you can try on sections, is take some styling mousse and apply it to a section of damp hair and then split the section in two, then tight twist the two sections around each other, effectively using each section like a spiral rod for the other.  You can then loop this twist section up to the base and then use a flatgrip to secure.  Again, you sleep on it - but the mousse added and then the way the hair is twisted (as opposed to braided) will produce a more definate wave than a ripple.

I hope both of these are useful, as both work to sleep on

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Thanks - I'll give those a go!

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Yes I have various style which can help you try these all .I think scott has given good ideas,well it's true.Braid styles can help you a lot in this styling.Try to use mizani natural hair products while washing your hair as shampoo,conditioner etc.Stop using heat on hair,if you use then apply heat protectant spray.Pay attention to split ends.Try to  have good treatment oil.I would suggest you to go with mizani natural hair products it will make you help in many ways.
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