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Treseme Keratin smooth shampoo and conditioner - love this shampoo and conditioner, really does help to make your hair silky and smooth, used this for about six months and then thought i would try the treseme split ends mending shampoo and conditioner, i thought this was really nice too and did help my ends to look alot better, when this lot finished i thought i would try the platnum strength ones. This one made my hair feel as nice as the split ends repair set but didnt make my split ends look better so i actually preferred the split ends one to the platinum strength but as my hair is so frizzy i have gone back to the keratin smooth as this really does smooth the hair out but i still use my little bottle of split ends repair serum on the ends of my hair which is brilliant! I must admit i dont have loads of split ends just a few in the front as most people with long hair do have but it does an amazing job of sealing them and mking them disapear.

All in all i would recommend the keratin smooth duo for hair that is frizzy, curly, unruly and needs taming. If your hair isnt as frizzy then the split end repair one is really good and in my opinion much better than the platinum strength!
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