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Hi everyone -

I was wondering if anybody had any snippets of Scott's advice regarding stripping black hair?

My hair is past shoulder length and has been through the mill, it is not destroyed but the hair is brittle and it would be risky to bleach it.
I know this as in December I got a full head of highlights which were a disaster - the hairdresser toned my hair with a greenish toner and used a very strong bleach on my chocolate-coloured hair. Most of the areas that had been bleached fell out and I got a dodgy chemical haircut!

I panicked and used the only thing I knew that would restore hair condition - henna (single application, 100% henna with no metal salts). Unfortunately it came out a vile colour, so I returned to a chocolatey colour.

Now I'm finding that the hair colour is getting really flat, too dark and almost purple so I need to do something with it!

All I want is to return to my natural mid honey blonde, with hair in reasonable condition and keeping as much length as possible.

Can any of Scott's products help me achieve this? If so, how! [biggrin]

(Also, Scott - if you're reading, I just wanted to say that I've always admired how you've dealt with your customer base, even in the Colour B4 days. You have always been very courteous and patient and willing to help wherever you are needed and I've honestly never seen anyone so dedicated to their product. It speaks volumes about you and the faith you have in your products. You must be working around the clock! So thank you for always finding time to help the hopeless, you don't get as much recognition as you should.)

Thanks in advance guys!

E xx
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